Taking Museum Service to the Community

Dorji Goenpa Lhakhang is 19 kilometers from Trongsa town in the direction of Bumthang. During the reign of Zhabdrung Jigme Chogyal, Lopen Tsheltrum Thrarchen constructed it in 1864. As per present lama, wall painting of the lhakhang has been done by Lama Melam Rabzang, reincarnation of Lopen Tsheltrum Tharchen.
Dorshong Goenp is the full name of the lhakhang. Dorshong refers to a stone bathtub that belonged to the local deity Palden Dema and can still be seen today. As per present lama, the lhakhang was extended in the front part about 15 years ago, which is why some wall painting has been taken out and repasted again.
Museum staff visited and carried out cleaning of wall painting and other conservation that are required onsite.

By collaborating with community lhakhnag lamas and kuyners, the Museum management can not only provide simple conservation service to much need objects particularly the wall paintings but also advice on preventive conservation practices which will help to keep priceless objects in lhakhang in better condition.
Report on Dorji Goenpa Lhakhang (1)

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