March 4, 2019


House in:                                           17th century cylindrical Building (Ta-dzong)

Floors:                                                Four and Five

Establishment of Museum:            2008

Official Name:                                   The Royal Heritage Museum

Chief Curator/Director:               Mr. Sangay Tashi

Type:                                                    State of Art Museum

Governing Authority:                       The Department of Culture, Royal Government of Bhutan

Number of Collections:                    Five hundred (500)

Style of display:                                 Western & Traditional

Opening hours:                                 9AM -5PM (Monday – Friday)

Closing days:                                     Saturday, Sundays and National Holidays

Sections:                                            Administrative, Curatorial and Conservation

Location:                                            Ta-dzong, Trongsa, Central Bhutan

Type of Collection:                          Thangkas, Sculptures, Bronzes, Decorative arts, Arms and Armor, Ritual objects, Masks, Textiles& Royal belongings.

Number of Staff:                              12 (twelve)

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