February 5, 2020

Vision and Mission

The mission of the Royal Heritage Museum, Ta-Dzong, Trongsa is to serve Bhutan in a national role by preserving, collecting, exhibiting and fostering the understanding of native works of art at the highest possible museum and scholarly standards. Our age old antiquities collections have the power to educate inspire and transform individuals of all ages, and the local, regional, national and international communities that we serve.

  • The Royal Heritage Museum dedicated to the Monarchs of Bhutan & its art focusing on research and preservation of historically significant cultural events and activities, and to share them with the next generation.
  • To reach a broader worldwide audience by extending engagement with the locals and tourists.

Core Services

  • To develop, promote and deliver educational / interpretative programs for the Museum and responsible for all daily operations.
  • Develop strategic plans for the design and implementation of education programs.
  • Formulate a programming schedule of special events and tours.
  • Create policies and procedures for the museum operations including interpretation / education, and collections’ management;
  • Responsible for overseeing the conservation, exhibition, housing and growth of an art museum’s collections.

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