March 15, 2019


SI.No Book Name Quantity
1 Enter Inde et Tibet 1no
2 Storage and Display of Textile 1no
3 Asian Cooperation program on Conservation Science General Lecture (Vol  Vol I&II
4 Intangible Cultural Heritage 1no
5 International Traditional Bow & Arrow of yesterday and Today 1no
6 Gat traditional headgeon in Korea 1no
7 Short description of God, Goddesses and ritual objects of Buddhism and Hinduism in Nepal  1 no
8 Guide book for the Documentation of Intangible cultural Heritage 1no
9 Conservation Science for Asian cultural Heritage 1no
10 conservation of wooden objects 1no
11 Fourth Annual Report of Lyonchhen Jigme Yoeser Thinley to the ninth 1 no
Session of the First parliament on the state of the nation (Dzongkha & English)
12 Safe Guarding of Intangible Cultural Heritage and Intellectual property Rights 1no
13 The third October of Joy Celebrating Royal Weeding 1no
14 Strategy for the first conduct of the Local Government Election 1no
15 The First ACPCS Workshop 1no
16 Beautiful Encounter 2nos
17 Identifying and inventorying intangible cultural heritage 1no
18 Sungnyemum Regaining old Glory 1no
19 Korean Cultural Heritage Foundation 1no
20 Cheong Gye Choen Restoration 1no
21 Black to Future Seoul 1no
22 Cheong Gye Cheong Museum 1no
23 ICHCourier 1no
24 The Naked Dancers of East 1no
25 Care and handling of Thangkas 1no
26 Icom News 1no
27 Bhutan In Focus 1no
28 Fortress of the dragon 1no
29 National Geographic 1no
30 Storage of National History Collection 1no
31 Bhutan Land Des Donner Drachen 1no
32 The shoemakers gift 1no
33 Druk Ki Gulchen Cha Nye Gang Chen Tsa Thrim 1no
34 Tsao Chung Weights an Elephant 1no
35 Patan Museum Guide 1no
36 Conservation of papers and textiles 1no
37 Patan Museum Guide 1no
38 National Geographic Magazine 1no
39 Honolulu Academy of Arts 2nos
40 Tibet 1no
41 Tashi Delek 2nos
42 The centre for Bhutan Studies 1no
43 Drukki Nyenmai Lamseol 1 no
44 Civil Service Acts of Bhutan 2010 1no
45 Museum Studies book 1no
46 Smithsonian opportunities 1no
47 Play of the Omniscient 1no
48 National Geographic 1no
49 A handbook of Tibetan Culture 1no
50 The National Museum of Bhutan 1no
51 Mysteries of the Raven Crown 1no
52 The Heart of Wisdom 1no
53 Constitution Book 1no
54 Bhutan Yellow Pages 1no
55 Sacred Dar Ceremony Book 1no
56 National Museum Book MOHCA 1no
57 National Library 1no
58 Ta-Dzong , The Tower of Trongsa (Project Documentation) 1no
59 Audit Report on Audit of accounts and operations of theTDRP 1no
60 Draft for Discussion purpose only 1no
61 The Little White Dragon 1 no
62 Korean book (National Research Institute of Cultural Heritage) 26nos
63 The Epic of Gesar 2010 1 nos
64 History of Lam Jangchub Tshondu  2008 2  nos

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